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Broodmen comes from the honesty and emotion of Dragan “Pik” Alimpijevic and Zoltan Simon, two creative souls raised in the Balkan city of Novi Sad, Serbia. They have been playing together for years in their rock band “Grate” as well as on numerous other albums and recording sessions throughout the Balkan region.

Recorded live in just three days without a single overdub, click track or digital editing, their debut album “Secondary Emotions” is an instrumental ride through the power of all emotions. Broodmen’s inspiration for this project comes from a year of collecting sonic ideas and over time turning these into fully orchestrated songs that take the listener on a ride through their own emotions. Cinematic, raw, refined and pure – this is only the start of the words that can be used to describe the music created by the two individuals of Broodmen – the rest is up to the listener.

Pik’s guitar transmits musical compositions from a diverse list of influences all the while maintaining his distinct tone and choice of notes and phrases. This combined with Zoltan’s hypnotic yet loose grooves and tight performance forms the base of Broodmen’s sound. This is a sound that requires repeated listens needed to fully feel and experience this debut effort which is not an easy task in a world with an attention span that becomes shorter everyday.

Broodmen is as honest as it gets – “Secondary Emotions” is just the start of this pure, sonic journey.

By Edward Zawadzki

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